The AA Study Guide is unique in that it addresses the specific needs of non-native English speakers preparing to take the CBEST. It reflects many years of my experience in teaching Chinese Americans writing and language strategies for passing the CBEST. No other study guide provides this depth of experience.

The AA Study Guide includes useful test-taking strategies in writing and reading, grammar points, the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in writing and sample essays from topics that were actually on the CBEST. Often, topics are repeated, so this is another advantage. The Study Guide also includes teacher and student essays from previous classes, so one can see the good and the bad, the strong points as well as weaknesses.

As an added benefit, the AA Study Guide goes beyond mere test preparation. It is an education in the American educational system. It contains an education terminology acronyms list. For example: Individual Education Plan (IEP), English Language Learners (ELL, formerly ESL), Gifted and Talented Program (GATE).

The AA Study Guide also has unique teaching job interview strategies including (and this is a first) - 20 of the most frequently asked questions.

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